From discovery to health

Research is an essential endeavor at the First Faculty of Medicine. Our scientists and researchers conduct basic, translational, epidemiologic and clinical research across a broad spectrum of biomedical topics. In a tight cooperation with the General University Hospital and other partners, we bring research from “bench to bedside”.


Oral Diseases

The program focuses on the epidemiological, clinical and laboratory research of etiology, diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases, with a special focus on innovative technologies and interdisciplinary approaches to both oral and general health.

The program consists of five inter-related projects, which differ in their areas of focus, methodological approaches and outcomes:

  • Oral health of the population and the dental care systems 60
  • Laboratory methods for monitoring of the risk factors for dental caries and periodontal diseases
  • Physical and chemical properties of dental materials
  • Investigation of immune system reaction to metals released from dental alloys
  • Comprehensive preventive care and clinical rehabilitation of patients with oral and oro-facial diseases

Research teams from following departments of the First Faculty of Medicine participate in the project:

Project coordinator: prof. MUDr. Jana Dušková, Dr.Sc.