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Research is an essential endeavor at the First Faculty of Medicine. Our scientists and researchers conduct basic, translational, epidemiologic and clinical research across a broad spectrum of biomedical topics. In a tight cooperation with the General University Hospital and other partners, we bring research from “bench to bedside”.


Metabolic Diseases

56The main goal of this research program is to analyze pathogenic mechanisms and identify new biomarkers which may be present in development of the complications of metabolic diseases, especially of diabetes mellitus, obesity, dyslipoproteinemias, kidney diseases, gastrointestinal tract diseases and rheumatic diseases including osteopathies. It includes also the interactions between disorders at molecular, cellular and organ levels.

The whole program involves four research pillars (one experimental and three clinical): (1) The key pathogenic mechanisms of the complication development, (2) The relationship of metabolic and endocrine disorders to vascular pathology, (3) Kidney and rheumatic disorders and their relationship to systemic as well as connective tissue impairments, (4) Interaction of individuals with the environment when metabolic disease has been already present.

Following theoretical and clinical departments of the First Faculty of Medicine participate in the project:


Project coordinator: prof. MUDr. Jan Škrha, DrSc.