From discovery to health

Research is an essential endeavor at the First Faculty of Medicine. Our scientists and researchers conduct basic, translational, epidemiologic and clinical research across a broad spectrum of biomedical topics. In a tight cooperation with the General University Hospital and other partners, we bring research from “bench to bedside”.


History of Academic Education

62The research program brings together people from various faculties and institutes of Charles University to study the history of natural sciences and humanities. Our endeavor might be described as history of human ideas and scientific theories in relationship to its cultural, social as well as political context.

While we believe that rich historical continuity of the Prague University is an important part of its institutional identity (and thus becomes one of our main goals), we also try to answer more general questions linked to the sometimes tenuous relationship between the society and the academia. Consequently, we deal with topics like history of food, religion and science, social and academic reaction to plague epidemics, or the way information was shared among early modern intellectuals. The historical research at our faculty is divided into three main spheres of interest: Paleopathology, medicine in late medieval and early modern period, and medicine from the Enlightenment to the World War II.

Research teams from following department are participating on the project:

Project coordinator: doc. Mgr. Karel Černý Ph.D.